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Airport Taxi Transfers to Gerakini Halkidiki

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Airport taxi transfers to Gerakini Halkidiki

Thessaloniki (SKG) → Gerakini Halkidiki

or Return.  Duration: ~ 0:48h   Distance : 67 Km






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..Private Service   from : 55€

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Gerakini Halkidiki

Airport Taxi Transfers to Gerakini Halkidiki

Halkidiki Gerakini  is 68km from Thessaloniki airport. So it takes an almost hour to get there. It is a rather well known coastal destination.

Due to those reasons, it is a well Known destination.  Its location is at the beginning of the peninsula of Sithonia.

Its landscape is picturesque. Equally to the landscape are the beaches it has.  It is also a cosmopolitan village.  For example tourists will find a lot of shops. Not to mention that in Gerakini there are plenty of hotels either luxury or not. Many apartments too. In the village especially they can find  shops, cafes, restaurants.

Tourists can also  taste Greek dishes at the local taverns . Due to those reasons, it is a popular destination.The place has a large denelopment due to the large amount of visitors. Therefore,  it satisfies all kind of demands.


Locations in Gerakini

 Hotels that you can stay in Gerakini (links):

Other Locations that you can stay in Gerakini

Afroditi Beach Hotel, – Decauville studios, – Estelle Hotel, – G Mare Studios and apartments, – Gerakini Studios, – Gerakina Skala Holiday House, – Kougioni Camping, – Luxury Seafront House, – Olimpion Beach Hotel, – Paschalia studios, – Possidona beach, – Red House, – Sunday Summer resort

How to Book Accommodation that is not in the List

  1.     Select both date and time of Departure.
  2.     Select Pick up location either “City Thessaloniki” or “Thessaloniki Airport”.
  3.     Choose then,Gerakini for Drop off location.
  4.     Insert after that, the Number of passengers (including Children).
  5.    Choose either one-way transfer  or return  transfer.
  6.    Choose then, the vehicle you want.
  7.    Add your extra items (such as luggage etc.).
  8.    Proceed to check out finally
  9.    Write on the “billing details” form  at  the “Additional Informations” your location address and other informations such as  the Name of Hotel .

The prices of the hotels or locations that are in the same village  are the same



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Airport Taxi Transfers to Gerakini Halkidiki

Thessaloniki taxi transfers undertakes your transfer from Thessaloniki airport to Gerakini in Halkidiki, with safety and reliability above all. Particularly, our luxury Mercedes E class cars are always clean and in an excellent condition. Additionally, our polite and helpful drivers are willing to undercover what a passenger needs.  Furthermore, the support team is there for you 24/7.

In conclusion, our experience, the high quality of our services and the low cost prices, offer a rather comfortable journey.

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