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Daily Thessaloniki City Tour

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Thessaloniki City Tour

Thessaloniki is a multicultural town. Therefore, there are many places worth to visit them. In the first place, you can visit the UNESCO monuments. Such as the Acropolis walls.There, you will visit Moni Vlatadon . Definitely, the view from there is outstanding. Additionally, you can visit Rotunda. Also the Byzantine Baths. You can also visit byzantine churches . Like Osios David, Acheiropoietos. Also, Agia Sofia, St.Demetrios, St.Nikolas Orfanos, Holy Apostles, Prophet Elias.

Simirarly, you can visit the Jewish monuments. Such as,  Synagogue, Holocaust Memorial. Also Modiano market. The Jewish museum. Furthermore, Villa Bianca, Villa Allatini.

Equally, you can visit Ottoman monuments. Like, Yahudi Hamam in Louloudadika. Furthermore, Bezesteni, Yeni Hamam, Alaza Imaret Mosque. Moreover, Pasha hamam, Pasha Gardens in Ano Poli, Tsinari district, Villa Mordoch.

Obviously, it is your choice the places you want to visit.

Travel Destinations

    Aristotelous Square the largest open space in the center of the city ​. Its historical importance becomes from its emergence as central point during the redesign of the city by the creator of the square Aristotle, the French architect Ernest Hébrard, after the 1917 fire.
    One of the most characteristic monuments of Thessaloniki is the Arch of Galerius. Kamara is a brilliant monument. It is a triumphal arch made
    shortly before 305 AD to honor the Roman Emperor Galerius, after his final victory against the Persians.
    The church of Agios Dimitrios, for the church of its patron saint. The church occupies an enormous place among all the churches in this city. At first was built in 313 AD above an ancient Roman bath like a small chapel. There are ombs under the ground, among them is the prison of Agios Dimitrios.
    The walls of Thessaloniki were the fortification of the Byzantine city. Τhey present great importance from an archaeological, architectural and artistic point of view. The boundaries of the Byzantine walls of Thessaloniki coexisted with those of the Roman ones. The walls had a square floor plan and a height of 10-12 m. Τhe northern part was were united by the walls of the Acropolis of Thessaloniki. Today there are only 3kilometers. The main wall of Thessaloniki was double and was strengthen from time to time with towers and gates in the most lowland areas. Today there are 60 towers. Each of them has square cross-section other than the White Tower and the Trigonio Tower.
  • Moni Vlatadon
    Standing tall in Thessaloniki’s Upper Town, Moni Vlatadon is the city’s only remaining Byzantine monastery. Founded in the 14th century by the Vlattis brothers, it offers breathtaking panoramic views. This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts a church adorned with well-preserved frescoes, including an image of Saint Gregory Palamas, their spiritual mentor. The monastery complex also features a serene garden with peacocks, a welcome respite from the city bustle.
  • White Tower
    The White Tower, is a majestic landmark gracing the city’s waterfront. Built in the 15th century under Ottoman rule. Standing proudly at 34 meters, the White Tower has witnessed centuries of Thessaloniki’s history. It served multiple purposes throughout its life – a formidable Ottoman fortress guarding the harbor, a prison, and even a university workshop.Following the city’s liberation in 1912, the White Tower found a new calling as a museum. Today, it houses a permanent exhibition dedicated to Thessaloniki’s journey through time. Each floor unveils a distinct era, offering a glimpse into the city’s rich tapestry, from its founding in 316 BC to the present day.
  • Statue of Alexander the Great
    A commanding presence on Thessaloniki’s  coastline, the statue of Alexander the Great is a popular landmark. Sculpted by Evangelos Moustakas and unveiled in 1974. Crafted from bronze, the equestrian statue itself reaches nearly 6.15 meters in height, while the entire monument, including the pedestal, stands at an impressive 11 meters. Funded through public contributions, it’s the tallest statue of Alexander in all of Greece. This tribute to the legendary military leader stands proudly near another iconic landmark, the White Tower, making it a must-see spot for any visitor to Thessaloniki
  • Archeological Museum
    The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki is one of the largest museums in Greece and a must-see for the tourist who visit the city. Housing a vast collection of artifacts spanning from the prehistoric era to Roman times, the museum offers a captivating journey through Macedonia’s rich history.The museum building itself is a designated monument of modern heritage, designed by architect Patroklos Karantinos and build in 1962.
  • Byzantin Museum
    The Museum of Byzantine Culture, also referred to as the Byzantine Museum, is a must-see for anyone interested in Byzantine history and art in Thessaloniki. Established in 1994, the museum showcases a rich collection of artifacts dating from the Early Christian period (4th-7th centuries AD) to the Ottoman conquest (1453).
    The museum offers a fascinating glimpse into everyday life, religious practices, funerary customs, and artistic achievements of the Byzantine era. Through a compelling display of sculptures, mosaics, frescoes, jewelry, and ceramics, visitors can get to know the heart of the Byzantine Empire.

Travel Plan

  • Tour around the city of Thessaloniki
  • Explore the top UNESCO Monuments of Thessaloniki
  • Discover the historical profile of Thessaloniki
  • Snap some great pictures

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