Daily Tour to Vergina Veria

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Daily Tour to Vergina Veria

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Duration: 03:00h to 7:00h Distance : 160Km

Daily Tour to Vergina Veria

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Vergina is the  most popular destinations in North Greece. As it is close to Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, can be the ideal destination for daily trips.In the southern Macedonian plain, 80 kilometers southeast of Thessaloniki, at the foot of the Pieria Mountains, it became one of the most important archaeological discoveries of all time in 1977. The city of ancient Aigai, the first capital of the Macedonian kingdom, came to light. The wealth of the findings is incalculable and of rare archaeological and historical significance, with the result that the territory of the Macedonian kings, the land of Philip and Alexander, Eurydice and Olympiad, was declared a UNESCO Monument in 1996 by the UNESCO.

The archaeological intuition

In 1977 M. Andronikos’ has ransomed the great kings of the Macedonian land from the darkness and handed over the deep past of Macedonia to all of humanity.
Archaeologists have always been interested in Vergina. Ancient testimonies described Aigai as one of the richest cities in the ancient world and an important spiritual center. In the Aegean palaces there were artists such as the painter Zevxis, poets such as Hirilos, and even Euripides himself, a guest of King Archelaus.

The archaeological intuition had conceived from the outset the great importance of a medieval toponym beside the Grand Tuba. It is a small village with the mysterious name “Palatigia”, ie palaces. The echo of the great Macedonian kingdom always vibrated the space …

Archaeological finds indicate an installation in the Vergina area as early as the 3rd millennium BC. The fertile plain, the many waters and the natural fortification were ideal conditions for the creation of a strong city. The name “Aigai” reflects the wealth of the area, since it means “land with many flocks”. During the Iron Age, from the 11th to the 7th century BC, the wider Aigai area was a major residential center. Excavations have brought to light large settlements and burial places, which in size indicate the large number of people. High-quality artifacts and rich jewelery emboss the region’s prosperity and significance.

The golden offerings of the necropolis, with their unbelievable beauty, are unmistakable witnesses of the acne, the importance and the historical duration of the goats. For three whole centuries, until the 4th century BC. will form the intellectual, artistic and administrative center of Macedonia before handing over the capitals to Pella.



Traditional neighborhoods worth visiting.
In the middle of the 19th century, Veria had 16 ‘mahalades’ small neighborhoods. During the Ottomans’ occupation, the shops were concentrated in Byzantine purchase, at the bazaar. The most famous neighborhoods, from those that survive in Nowadays, it is Jewish and Christian.

Traditional district of Kyriotissa
The Orthodox district of Kyriotissa, full of Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches with magnificent ceramic decoration and high art hagiographies, impresses with its labyrinthine cobbled streets and mansions (it stands out Sarafoglou mansion) with its special architectural style. Many of them listed houses have been restored and converted into spaces leisure.

Traditional Jewish district of Barbuta
The district, one of the most important Jewish communities in the world, is located next to the Barbuta site which owes its name to a fountain in
area which is preserved to this day. Among its imposing alleys stands out the stone building of the old Jewish Synagogue with rich and ornate interior decoration. The Jewish Synagogue in its current form It was built in 1850 and is the oldest synagogue in Northern Greece one of the oldest in Europe. Today it continues to operate from time to time as a place of worship, a living monument to the timeless presence of the Jews in the city.

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