Ioannina is located in Western Greece. It is 292 km away from Thessaloniki Airport. So it takes almost three hours to get there. It has also historical value. Pamvotida lake with its small island, is a rather natural site.Ioannina Because it is a multicultural city, it  has influences from previous civilizations. The tourist can also  wander in the narrow streets. The House of Mattei Hussein, the ottoman mosque of Veli Pasha attract also the  tourists. The tourists can also have a tour around the lake .  The tourists in Ioannina will also have a gastronomic journey. Popular are frogs’ legs; Also syrup pastries, baklava Also  sker bourek or sugar pie. Also, popular is the jewelry made of silver. People can also visit Metsovo. They can also visit Sirrako

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